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System of Autonomous Global Education (SAGE)📚🏫

SAGE represents an autonomous, open-source, decentralized educational platform & acts as a trusted intermediary by being a strict conveyor with no single purveyor.

A Modern Dilemma

Currently, the pressure is placed on students to make the appropriate decision not only regarding their education but also the risk associated with making a large purchase and investment in the future. With uncertain conditions and fluctuating economic factors, it becomes apparent relatively quickly that it is nearly impossible to make such a significant investment and obtain the necessary profits or gains afterwards, resulting in a lack of proper return on the initial investment. Over time this causes a significant deterioration to our social/educational systems– this ripples further into the economics of society and the integrity of its structure. A S.A.G.E. is needed to help distribute information effectively on a global scale and allow for transparent delivery of credentials to individuals. Providing recognition of individual skills & efforts.

Extinct in the Wild: Philosopher Kings & Queens

If Plato were alive today, he'd agree if philosopher-kings & queens have ever been present on earth, we could classify them as extinct in the wild or a nearly extinct species.
In Plato's terms, a philosopher-king or queen is a leader who loves wisdom— motivated pursuit of knowledge. We lack these types of leaders who make ample time and have enough consideration to make accurate decisions.
Plato's leaders also possess intellect, honesty/reliability and a willingness to live a simplistic experience.
"Philosophers [must] become kings(leaders)…or those now called kings(leaders) [must]…genuinely and adequately philosophize"
-Plato; The Republic — [5.473d]-
We are already on the path as a society towards changing towards a properly decentralized and open community of trustworthy interaction. In essence, the plan for the S.A.G.E. is to boost our productivity as a whole, allowing every person to establish themselves as honest, reliable, intellectual and skillful. Under these conditions, the Philosopher King's & Queen's— will be formed.

Highly-Endangered: Valid Informative Systems

Our system of fact-checking and information verification is under threat of misinformation overload. Legacy media does not do us any favours anymore. Wall Street is merely a place to gamble. The traditions of higher education are corrupted and centralized. Honour and value in knowledge is not the main focus of academia anymore. Money fuels educational institutions. Greed plagues higher education with frivolous spending similar to the opaque world of finance. Universities obscenely price gouge and offer services that take advantage of the desperate and the poor.
You could say the base of our informative system is— highly endangered. A S.A.G.E. aims to combat this problem by allowing the same principles of free markets to transpire and the fair exchange of valuable thought to occur frequently and fairly. By emulating a free market or an open-bazaar, a basic system of exchange. Frank negotiation and bartering occurs between a teacher and a student. Trade fosters the growth of societies as such important data will dominate and be easily accessible. More specific acute knowledge will be more costly as supply and demand can be dynamic. An atmosphere of open-trade will force competitive evaluations of information across the S.A.G.E.– giving everyone a relevant overview of specific data and what is valuable to learn in the sea of knowledge.
We should work toward a universal linked information system, in which generality and portability are more important than fancy graphics techniques and complex extra facilities. The aim would be to allow a place to be found for any information or reference which one felt was important, and a way of finding it afterwards. The result should be sufficiently attractive to use that it the information contained would grow past a critical threshold, so that the usefulness the scheme would in turn encourage its increased use. The passing of this threshold accelerated by allowing large existing databases to be linked together and with new ones
-Tim Berners-Lee "Information Management: A Proposal" (March 1989) [1]
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